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On 13th January 2010, the Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) announced they had given the final go-ahead for a "cull" of Badgers in Pembrokershire and Caredigion – we use the word cull but slaughter might have been a more accurate word to describe their plan.

In response, Save The Badger was set up as an umbrella group to coordinate the campaign against this unwarranted attack on our wildlife and countryside. After a long, hard, campaign and a huge amount of effort from everyone – including a large number of donations from the public which meant a legal challenge to WAG’s decision could be made – we were extremely relieved that on 13th July, 2011 the cull was finally halted.

Of course, when facing threats that affect our wildlife, environment, and indeed our planet, there is never really a time for celebration as new threats and new challenges emerge almost daily – and we also realise that, even now, in Wales there remains a powerful lobby who still seem determined to make badgers an easy scapegoat for disease in livestock

As a thank you to all those involved  – and hopefully as an inspiration to others here in the UK, and indeed throughout the world, who face similar threats to badgers – a record of our campaign in Wales can be found on this site, as well as much of the opinion and evidence that led us to firmly believe that the, so called, culling of badgers will not solve the problem of Bovine tuberculosis.


Sadly, on 15h December the UK Westminster government announced that they now also plan to “cull” badgers in two areas of England. The specific locations have as yet not been released, but they have also indicated that following this initial slaughter they then intend to extend their “cull” to other parts of England.

Badgers are protected by Law, just like you, me and all of us, and any Government, individual, or organisation, needs to take note that to take away that protection there should be hard evidence that there is some justification for such an extreme measure – but as was proved through the Courts in Wales in reality there was no definitive evidence that killing badgers would actually substantially reduce instances of bovine TB.

Save The Badger are sympathetic to the plight of farmers and we are concerned equally with the welfare of cows as we are with badgers – and indeed all other animals – yet we strongly believe the overwhelming amount of expert scientific evidence which has found that killing badgers is not the answer to TB in cattle.

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The Badger Trust gives DEFRA notice of a legal challenge to the proposed badger cull...again!

We are grateful to all those people who have contacted us recently, and we have listened to your views and opinions about the situation we face today.

Save The Badger had hoped that the lessons learned from the planned cull in Wales would have made further legal action unnecessary. To ensure the long-term welfare, conservation, protection – and very lives – of badgers, we must do a lot more than rely on constant expensive legal challenges. After all, if we are too reliant on this, and this is our main strategy, then one day the money might dry up, or a legal challenge may be lost, and badgers will have to bare the awful consequences. We need better education, more public awareness, better dialogue with farmers (after all, the vast majority of badgers live on their farm land) and importantly more cooperation between all the organisations who have the welfare of badgers, or other animals, as their prime objective.

We learnt important lessons from the campaign in Wales; we just feel saddened it appears that these lessons haven't been taken on by everyone.

Sadly some people seem unwilling to listen and learn, or to adapt and change in ways necessary to deal with the issues we face today. It's time for these people to put aside their ego's and start listening. It's time for them to stop focussing on the misguided notion that, despite the Westminster government proposes to slaughter badgers in great numbers, it is of prime importance they retain the status of their own particular organisation above all others. This should be all about the badgers. It appears these organisations desperately need new blood, new faces at the top, and they need to give their members a real voice in the decision making.

The public give money, willingly and freely, because they care deeply and passionately about our wildlife. They expect organisations in receipt of such funds to behave and act appropriately.

Badgers do not belong to anyone. They share this land with all of us. No one single organisation has the right to decide the fate of badgers – time and time again, we've seen where that leads us! It's time for everyone to work together to make sure that we never ever find ourselves in this situation again.

Badgers need, and deserve, much, much more.

Please make your voice heard. If you want to know what you can do to help in the campaign against the badger cull in England, please contact us.

Stop the badger cull. Say no to killing badgers. Save the badger.

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With the UK Westminster Government now declaring that they intend carrying out a "cull" of badgers in the Autumn of 2012, time is of the essence. All those who oppose their actions need to start talking to each other. We need to join together. We need to plan a coordinated response. And, we need to do that now!

We also hold the view that it would be unwise for any organisation opposing the government's plans to rely solely on a legal challenge through the Courts. While this may indeed be a very necessary measure, we feel that it is very important we raise awareness and harness the huge amount of opposition there is amongst the general public. As always, we also insist that all protest and forms of opposition must remain within the law – we must strongly fight against this injustice, but we must do this reasonably.

Save The Badger was set up as an umbrella group to coordinate the campaign against the Welsh Assembly Government's plan to slaughter badgers by the thousand in Wales in early 2010, but as with this latest threat it will of course also fight any similar plans by the Westminster government, or indeed any of the other devolved powers in the UK.

Please take the time to look through the pages on our site.

We will try to bring you any up to date information and news which is of particular relevance and this latest threat to our badgers unfolds more pages will be updated and new pages with particular relevance to the cull in England will be added

We will also periodically feature the views and opinions of prominent individuals who oppose culling badgers in the UK. We begin with a piece by Welsh writer and environmental activist, John Evans.

Don't forget, we want to hear your news, and we also want you views. We must unite together to fight this premeditated act of barbarity.

Please also feel free contact us by clicking the link at the side of the page.

"The evidence is that a badger cull on a scale or level of efficiency that seems feasible will not solve cattle farmers' problem – that problem is truly serious. Understandably, the feeling is that something must be done, but the evidence is that it should not be a badger cull." Sir David Attenborough

“We must not make badgers scapegoats for bovine TB”. Joanna Lumley

"I say no to this or any other badger cull and I urge all caring people to do the same. Get rid of ignorance, not badgers.” Benjamin Zephaniah







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